Error-Related Spike Synchrony in the Supplementary Eye Field

Examining the similarity in patterns of error-related activity within the SEF.

Microcircuitry of Conflict and Visual Processing in the SEF

Examining the laminar patterns of visual and conflict-related activity within the SEF.

Predicting performance-related responses from electrophysiological signals

Using statistical learning techniques to classify spikes and local field potentials.


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I am currently the teaching assistant on the following modules at Vanderbilt University:

  • PSY3750: Perception, Lead: Professor Alex Maier.
    • Office Hours: Monday, 9am to 10am

From 2013 to 2017, I was a teaching assistant at Newcastle University working on the following modules:

  • PSY1010: Research Methods and Skills 1
  • PSY1011: Research Methods and Skills 2
  • PSY2009: Methods in Psychology